I began writing for Classic Boat Magazine in May of 2005 when I gave daily reports from the Rolex Transatlantic Race. I gave a real time view and historic perspective of racing a 84-foot 1939 yawl hard in the ocean for 23 days. Nordwind was comissioned as a training ship for the German Military on the Baltic.

Our collaboration on this event with photos and reports lead to me starting an American News Section in their magazine that has allowed us to discover the vast tapestry of vintage and contemporary classic boating in North America. The launch of the page coincided with the magazine being offered in more than 200 Barnes&Noble book stores across the U.S. We have covered everything from passing down the traditional art of carving Yurok canoes out of one log to political battles being waged to save the paddle wheeler Delta Queen.

Below you will find links to all the pages I have written for Classic Boat since 2006. There are stories you may be familiar with but many I am sure are obscure and fascinating. Please enjoy and let me know if you find any enjoyable stories in your neck of the woods you believe would be interesting to Classic Boat readers. If it’s interesting to you, it’s likely interesting to all of us who love the more traditional side of boating.

Classic Boat: American News Archive


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