Freelance Journalist Chris Museler aboard "Janley," PCC #14

This website serves as a library and sounding board for the writings of freelance journalist Chris Museler. From covering political and environmental issues including answering the question “How Green is Rhode Island?” to reporting on transoceanic solo sailing for The New York Times, Museler writes about a broad spectrum of topics focusing on exploring complex subjects for mainstream magazines and newspapers.

Museler has been a newspaper reporter, public relations director for US Sailing, a professional bowman on racing yachts and a spokesman for the Governor of Rhode Island. He has won more than a dozen national and international championships in sailing in addition to earning 9 US Sailing championship medals from 1998 to 2009.

This site also serves to help document, photographically and through video, the discovery process Museler follows as he moves through each story.

Dear Viewer,

I hope you find the subjects and process on this site as fascinating and educational as I do. I have been a professional journalist for 15 years and strive to make the most complicated stories digestible for all readers. Please feel free to contact me through this site to either share your interest or reach me for professional matters.

Chris Museler

Chris Museler’s articles have appeared in many publications including the following:


Rhode Island Monthly

The New York Times

Yachting World


Wooden Boat

Classic Boat