More and more we expect our news and features to be delivered to us online and in the form of video reports/clips. The technology exists to present all stories immediately and visually from the most remote locations on the planet. So if it exists, we want to see it and hear it!

Unfortunately in the push to present almost all news in video format, the information is often not vetted or “curated” properly, enough, or at all. Also, as reporters are new to almost everything they cover, they may miss several sources to fully flush out details and educate the reader on the completeness of a story. (It is far easier to call several sources and include them in a written piece than it is to get all those relevant sources on camera in a timely fashion.)

I am not a videographer or a producer but one thing I am endeavoring to do is occasionally capture just one angle of a story and present it in a video so the viewer can come away learning one fascinating or interesting fact or angle to a story that is accurate!

I tried to do this while covering the Krys Ocean Race this summer where I attempt to give the viewer a sense of the flow aboard these sleek trimarans during an overnight race and the smooth body movements these French sailors make after tens of thousands of miles sailing the same boat just about 24/7 a year. I also wanted to allow the viewer to learn what inspires one of these sailors to reach the top level in this discipline, since after all, we learn from people, not boats.

I also had the pleasure this summer of sailing in the New York Yacht Club Vanguard 15 Team Race. After a five-year absence, I crewed for multiple national Team Race champ Karl Ziegler, my former helmsman, and our teammates were freshmen last year on the college sailing scene. Regardless of having a combined age greater than all four other sailors combined on our team, we got right back into our old routine and this is where video learning can be a useful excercise for storytelling as well.

I filmed a race from start to finish from a GoPro camera on my head and the visuals combined with the audio illustrate clearly I hope a useful dialogue that helps avoid mistakes in a race and keep focused on the next move. We;re not perfect, but hopefully this simple video exercise will illustrate how we can learn simple ideas effectively in videos.