I thought i had a good feel for what doublehanded ocean racing was like and the character type that raced these little rocket ships. After nearly 800 miles with pro Class40 sailor Rob Windsor, not only did i underestimate all facets, the sailing and personal lessons drawn from this discipline of sailing can be useful to anyone.
I was meant to be blogging for the Bermuda Race site as this is preparation for the Atlantic Cup in May and Bermuda in June. As Murphy’s Law had it, the computer went down half way through the five days of sailing from Mystic to Charleston. I will postydiscoveries and trials from our trip that included high speed big ocean wave riding and the humbling schooling i received that put any motion of an ego to bed.
Stay tuned this week for the beginning of a series on Dragon’s first preparations for the Bermuda Race. Now time for a nap and flight home to see my family just in time gor Easter.