This morning I was able to put my money where my mouth is and take off on this training run to Charleston.
Sailors are notoriously superstitious and good thing I’m not since we promptly ran aground in the channel. Nothing major, and good team building!

The goal of this reporting is to share the experience of shorthanded sailing. The first major lesson is that preparing forcthis trip has been loaded with anxiety, leaving family, children. April on the east coast is daunting.
But thecreality is that anxiety pases quickly as we tune the sails and my co skipper Rob Windsor, a fellow Long Islander, have made sail changes, cooked lunch, and settled in.
I’m not out of the worry woods but its sunny, we’re doing 9 knots and past Monyaulk a few hours ago. Hope you enjoy experiencing two-up on a 40 footer. So far each of us has a lotvof control which is a huge relief over fully crewed racing. Cant do anything without a majority!