There are many sailing fans and hopefully non sailors watching as the Volvo Ocean Race group wraps up two weeks of harrowing racing in the high latitudes of the Southern Ocean this week.

Atlantic Cup/Bermuda Race training. l-r Stan Schreyer, Rob Windsor, Chris Museler

Just like watching Bodie Miller hammer down a World Cup GS and feeling the urge to take on the steepest run at your local mountain so is the feeling now with the Volvo. Armchair sailors are thinking they can take on anything. Well the rubber meets the pavement for me as I stare down an 800-mile delivery doublehanded in a modern, and speedy Class 40 named Dragon.
Each Bermuda Race I am charged with writing news and feature stories for the organizers then report on the race from a boat. Last time it was the super modern racer 75 footer Titan. This year I am endeavoring to relate the challenge and thrills of ocean racing shorthanded. And a delivery in April with a few depressions coming is as close as I want to be to Southern Ocean sailing and as far as i can get from the balmy Bermuda experience maybe.
For now check out and hopefully we’ll be posting video reports and stories on the experience. Owner Michael Hennessy is our shore crew for this one and Class40 Maestro Rob Windsor is my co skipper.
Hopefully as I learn more about this discipline that is the core of the growing offshore sailing scene, readers will too. Here’s to finding out why millions of Europeans are fans of the Vendee Globe and the other solo and double races. Either way, I’ll find out if I can really push a boat as hard as Frank Cammas is off Argentina right now.