I have been the North American correspondent for Classic Boat Magazine since I gave daily reports while racing a 1939 yawl across the Atlantic in 2005. My news editor, Steffan Meyric Hughes, recently helped me to present an archive of each month’s American News page since 2006. Though the page was launched then at the same time the magazine began distribution at more than 200 Barnes&Noble book stores in the U.S., many boating enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the publication.

Please browse the pages as many of the findings will be new to most. Classic Boat is a fascinating magazine that is not beholden to a certain niche as many boating enthusiast magazines are. The publication enjoys the freedom to talk about celebrities who enjoy traditional craft, dockside gossip, the latest modern luxury yachts designed with a nod to traditional yachting aesthetics and functionality, and everything in between. There are few nautical monthly magazines where you would find an article on the finer points of trimming a gollywobbler on the same pages as a piece on an antique car body recently redesigned by legendary yacht designer Olin Stephens.

Please enjoy the pages and pass along any ideas that you may believe would be interesting to the readership of this very fun, sometimes silly and always entertaining and educational magazine.