New York Yacht Club West 44th Street Library. Image provided by NYYC

I have been writing for The New York Times since 2006 and have covered everything from World Sailing Speed Records to the Vendee Globe and everything in between. I have had the great pleasure of working with Tom Jolly, the Times’ sports editor, over the past few years and I met with him last week at his new office on Eighth Avenue in New York for an editorial meeting.

I have learned a tremendous amount about Tom’s and the paper’s global approach to presenting sports to the general public. Since the America’s Cup had just finished, I decided it would be an appropriate time to take him on a tour of the New York Yacht Club, on West 44th Street, to give him some perspective on that event and the sport as a whole. He had never been to the club and it was a fantastic experience for both of us to tour the famed model room and visit with prolific yachting author John Rousmaniere in the upstairs library.

The building was commissioned by J.P. Morgan as the club’s first proper clubhouse and designed by a young Whitney Warren, who also designed Grand Central Terminal. He designed everything in the building as well, down to the light fixtures and furniture in the library. John said of the building, “More than any other clubhouse in the world, this building best represents the interests of its members.” That is easy to see with the scrolling, hand carved sea monster heads glaring down into the model room and the ships transom windows overlooking West 44th Street.

I hope you have a chance to visit the club for an event or with a member. Tom certainly gained a new vantage point on the sport and realized that with the New York Yacht Club hosting the Little America’s Cup in September, with all winged-sail catamarans, this sport presents its past, present and future all on one plate.