Luis&Clark Carbon Violin by Matt Dunham

I am working on several articles with Matt Dunham of Clear Carbon Components. Dunham is a master boatbuilder by trade who took a liking to carbon in the 1990s and spread into the music industry, making carbon fiber Luis & Clark cellos for the likes of Yo Yo Ma, in the renewable energy industry fabricating wind turbine components, and into to the automotive industry making everything from fenders to spring shocks.

I have posted a brief clip from my visit today on my YouTube Channel. More detailed videos will be posted once the articles are published.

A year ago I wrote a piece in The New York Times on his carbon fiber string instruments that were used at President Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony in Washington DC. This was a half-page article in the arts section highlighting the fact that Yo Yo Ma and Itzac Pearlman were planning on using his carbon instruments if the weather was too cold – antique instruments can crack there seams in freezing temps. The famed musicians decided aesthetics were more imortant than true sound and played without microphones while a prerecorded piece was run.

The entire Armed Services Orchestra used these carbon instruments at the Concert for Hope the day before in sub-freezing temperatures.

As far away as you can get from cellos, Dunham also makes Carbon Rocks.

Our professional relationship has many parallels in that we both started our careers with a passion for boats and we both have carried our passion into mainstream markets. Our collaboration this year will be highlighted by features in some of our country’s top design, science and lifestyle publications. I hope you enjoy Matt Dunham’s very creative approach to business and composites. He even has carbon rocks from Block Island!