Christian Schlebach on a mission at todos Santos, Dec. 12, 2009

I am working on a feature for Stand Up Journal, a quarterly publication much like the artsy and visceral Surfers Journal, on stand up paddle surfing in the Northeast and specifically Christian Schlebach. He just returned this week from his second last-minute trip to the island of Todos Santos, off of Ensenada, Mexico. The photos here, taken by legendary surf photographer Art Brewer, are of his first, in December, with is brother Mikey who is known as one of the top big wave riders in the world. Schlebach said of this ride, “I didn’t even get my hair wet.”

Schlebach is a South African with an amazing story and an even more fabled talent as a waterman. He seeks and enjoys the oceans greatest pleasures. He founded Re-Sails, a company that creates clothing and luggage from old sails and also Hooley USA, a lifestyle clothing company where the slogan is Live WRONG (while riding on nature’s gifts). For a guy who literally sailed into Ft. Lauderdale 16 years ago with $300 in his pocket, he has made it happen.

Stand Up Journal is based in New Hampshire and founded by Clay Feeter, a principal in Wind Tracks magazine. Wind Tracks was one of those magazines that becomes your favorite but is way too glossy with too many great images and words and not enough advertising to survive. Feeter is learning from that experience.

Schlebach laying it down with a Sean Ordonez SUP board.

Though Tracks eventually ceased, it was successful (and had one of the most fascinating sports articles I have read, “Into the mind of an inland sailor.”) Stand Up Journal many have some legs as this aspect of surfing transcends many different demographics. I will post video clips, interviews and links when this feature is released in the late spring.